2014 Joan Cook Memorial State of the Pākehā Nation Essay

joan cookReverend Joan Cook was a well-respected and feisty feminist and Pākehā Tiriti educator who passed away late 2009. She was a founding member of Network Waitangi Whangarei in 1987 and was instrumental in education around Tiriti-based changes to the constitution of the Anglican Church. She was also a member of the Waitangi Action Committee and was arrested at Waitangi in 1983 while delivering a sermon. Joan was the only Pākehā Treaty educator in Northland for many years, reaching out to thousands of community workers.

Each Waitangi Day, a State of the Pākehā Nation essay is commissioned in her memory to reflect on race relations in this country. This year’s Joan Cook Memorial essay Bush whacking for Tiriti Based Justice was penned by Heather Came. Her essay focuses on potential areas of focus for Pākehā wanting to affect change: a) constitutional transformation b) resisting globalisation and the Trans Pacific Partnership c) eliminating institutional racism within the public sector. Heather joins other State of the Pākehā Nation contributors, such as Mitzi Nairn and Jane Kelsey and last years contributor Susan Healy. Previous years essays can be found here.


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